The amplifier will amplify any product or therapy from any device including the SCIO/EPFX/Indigo that has 4mm banana output sockets. Can also be used as a standalone amplifier .

Use this amp to amplify therapy when treating with attachments to increase the effect of therapy. Useful for treating pathologies like cancer by placing conductive rubber pads to the area of the tumour and amplifying the therapy.

All your attachments can be plugged into the amplifier.

Any product can be amplified into a liquid medium or pilules and delivered as a prescription. Any cream can be improved by amplification.

The price includes International Airmail freight and the Amplifier box only. Leads/Cables  and any attachments if needed would need to be purchased separately.

Price $370.00
RRP $450.00
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Harness/Conductivity Tester
Harness/Conductivity Tester
ADK 4000 Colour Therapy Unit -
ADK 4000 Colour Therapy Unit -