Chi Plus
Chi plus
Chi plus


Dr Alastair Bourne


Bio resonance Device


Coloured LED and Clear LED :  On the top of the box are the LED lights. 

Aim the Coloured LED at any area you want to treat for whatever reason and it takes information from the body and sends it to the unit.  The Chi-Plus sorts it all, inverts “nasties” and then treats via the Clear LED. Hold the unit  about half an inch from the area you are treating. This works much the same as the Orion at  a much lesser price

Aim the Coloured LED on a wrinkle or a skin imperfection and you can do beauty therapy with it.

The Chi-Plus device is a small, light and compact a powerful unit that packs a wallop.   The 21st century microchip technology is encased in small frame made of very durable plastic making the Chi-Plus so compact that fits in your palm.  Just direct its  LED beam to the part of the body that needs relief and balancing frequencies are sent at lightning speed.  


Using  the light beam to treat an acupuncture point or trace a meridian.
Want to treat yourself with the energy from an herb growing in your garden?  Place your fingers and the leaf (no need to take the leaf off the tree or shrub ) of the herb on the Chi-Plus rectangular plate device and frequencies of the herb are transmitted to your body.

Want to counteract the negative frequencies in your body?  Aim the Coloured LED at the area needing assistance and the unit inverts items and sends balancing frequencies using the clear LED beam. This will also balance Yin or Yang whichever needs balancing.

The Chi-Plus works with pets, plants, and water too.  It transmits through your clothing so nothing has to be removed.

Accessories that work with the Chi-Plus device make homeopathic remedies, stimulate the skin for a beauty treatment or pain reduction, create memory cards that retain the frequencies for ongoing support, and increase the amplitude of the frequencies sent.














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Harness/Conductivity Tester
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