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ADK 4000 Colour Therapy Unit -
ADK 4000 Colour Therapy Unit -

The ADK 4000 just released is the latest full colour therapy device in the world. This is a new concept in colour. The device comes with single infra red probe and one single multi colour probe that will deliver 17 colours. The third probe is the multilux which has twelve lights installed this multilux will also deliver 17 colours. When a colour is selected there are other colours mixed in with the colour chosen. In most cases this will not be obvious yet in each case there is more than colour being delivered. Just like Chakras there is a dominant colour and then secondary colours. We have found colour therapy to be much more effective when delivered in this manner.

Colour therapy is probably one of the best protocols there is and when working on meridian has to be the fastest, only ten seconds is required to treat a meridian. So combined with the QXCI/SCIO we have the best team in the world. Charts are supplied in the manual and on the CD indicating where these points are, they are referred to as the "Distal points" on the fingers and the toes.


The colours available are Apricot, Blue, Cerise, Green, Indigo, Lemon, Lime, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Pink, Red, Scarlet, Turquoise, Violet and Yellow, 16 in all then the colour white for metal.


The ADK 4000 will plug into any device that delivers therapy and will combine that therapy with the appropriate colour .Of course it can be used as a stand alone device

Choice of colour is made by pressing a button and the colour being delivered will show on the LCD screen, necessary when using colours like Cerise, Violet, Indigo and Purple, also necessary for colour blind practitioners. Frequencies are selected in the same manner and the frequency will also be displayed on the LCD screen.


This sophisticated device comes with a manual and a protocol CD, this complex colour therapy CD that takes the practitioner through each protocol step by step advising which colours to use on which part of the body. There will be updates for the CD on an annual basis for a couple of years, one per year, these updates will carry a cost.

This item is sent by international courier service the cost for this service is US $60.

The ADK 4000 is covered by a 6 month warranty.

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Chi plus
ADK 4000 Colour Therapy Unit -
ADK 4000 Colour Therapy Unit -