The basis for the scientific explanation of colour therapy came from Sir Isaac Newton with the discovery of the spectrum analysis. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe examined the effect of the colours on the human psyche and proved the close connection between colours and feelings. In modern times walls painted pink in cells to calm violent prisoners down. In 1903, Professor Niels Finsen received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research in the area of colour therapy. Finsen proved that colours are independent energies and that specific colour vibrations cause different reactions to the human body and the psyche. In 1933, Dinshah P. Ghadiali wrote about his findings of the medical research and application of colours in the Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia. Many authors continue to cite from his data and many practitioners refer to it.

 ADK 4000 Colour Therapy Treatments

The ADK 4000 Colour Therapy treatments in our presentation are based on Chinese medicine and principles of practice and philosophy along with medical science. The sensitive bioenergies (Yin and Yang) become imbalanced if our daily life is constantly stressed. Resultant of too many stresses the balance of our life energy flow becomes disturbed, illnesses can then manifest and the aging process accelerated. You are shown in the manual how to correct this imbalance.

Research has shown that colour can greatly influence the condition of a person's emotions and health. Since colours have a big influence on our mental and physical wellbeing, through the radiation of the right therapy colours on the reflex zones or acupuncture points the bioenergy of the cells and the meridians (energy paths) can be corrected. Subsequently the physical, emotional and mental blockages dissolve and a sense of wellbeing restored. However we have found that one needs more than say green for the Liver. We have found that there are background colours that one also needs and these colours are delivered by the ADK 4000 along with the predominant colour chosen. You can at times see these colours in the single probe but not in the multilux; however they are still there in the multilux. The multilux has twelve light emitters installed. Our colours are computer generated and are pure light no filters are used.

Only if the colour household the energetic balance in the human body and chakra system (you are shown in the manual how to balance the chakras) is restored can the activity of the organs, feelings and thoughts become optimal and operate in harmonic balance. Colour therapy is the fastest and safest method of therapy; only ten seconds are required to treat an acupuncture meridian. The ADK 4000 can also be plugged into any other device that delivers therapy and the two will be combined

The human body has more than one possibility of absorbing the colour energy:

through energetic intake
through chemical intake
through physical influence
through the eyes
The effect of the colour power is either immediately being transformed into regulating the life energy, or stored in the cells to be used at a later date when necessary.

In modern quantum physics there is a theory that describes the interaction between the six hypothetical quarks as fundamental building units of matter. These so-called quantum chromo dynamics assume that there are three chromatic (coloured) ancient energy conditions from which developed all matter. These age-old energy conditions are the colour vibrations of Red, Yellow and Blue.

 The 12 parts of the colour circle:

The colour circle is divided into 12 equal sections, one for each colour, and they follow each other in the order of the rainbow spectral colour order. The colour that lies opposite is its complementary colour.
 The teamwork of the 3 colours and their frequency mix, coin the triad of body, soul and spirit. The human being consists of light quantum, which vibrates in the body as colour waves. The different colour vibrations contribute to the construction of the colour dynamic life vitality and to the molecular order. Through their influence the energy values of the body cells change constantly. The conscious human can, through the right energetic behaviour, healthy nutrition and way of thinking, influence and regulate this internal colour play.

The Effect of Colours on Body and Spirit

Colour has a certain wavelength, which can influence our body and that we can use for the harmonizing or for the balancing of certain disharmonies.

The Action of the ADK 4000 Colour Therapy Light Treatment

The human body needs colour to live, because colours mean life energy. Bad light conditions, denatured nutrition, artificial light, electro-smog and stress are already enough to weaken the life energy that is the colour vibrations of the cells. Weakened life energy can eventually lead to physical and mental illnesses.

Everyone knows how good it feels after a walk in the Green nature with fresh air. The sun recharges the batteries of the body cells with life energy. It is a known fact that sunlight (white light) is comprised of the spectral range of colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet. These colours are all delivered by the ADK 4000 device as is white on its own. The colours are selected by simply pressing a button as are the frequency rates. A colour therapy device that lacks frequency selection is lacking in the delivery of the best therapy.There is seventeen colours delivered by the ADK 4000.

The ADK 4000 colour impulses help balance the metabolism of the cells and improve the energy supply of the body and spirit.

The reflex zones on the hands and in the face are gently treated through a light pressured colour massage, so that the hardening and tensions in the corresponding areas dissolve. A reflex zone is similar to a tunnel. The internal body, the organs mirror themselves on the periphery skin surface outwards from these zones. (All the reflexology  points are shown in the manual) Likewise, a healing stimulus from the external has an effect on the internal body. Through a precision calculated irradiation of the energetic colour, the body cell can be optimally nourished with the right energy and vibration. A quick anti-aging effect takes place through specific colour massage of the face reflex zones resulting in a face that appears more relaxed, a complexion that is fresher and younger looking and a reduction in wrinkles. On the CD there is a complete beauty therapy protocol. A complete set of charts showing where the reflex areas are on the face and what they relate to within the body and externally too are also included in the comprehensive manual.

Since the psyche mirrors itself in the organs, by healing energy deficiencies in any organs, the soul will also be balanced.

The Effect of the Aging Process

The symbol of youth is an abundance of vitality, which expresses itself through beautiful, flawless and firm skin, attractiveness, mental freshness, productivity, joy of life, zest, health and fertility. Most people would like to possess this desired youthfulness for as long as possible, but life means energy consumption. Aging means using energy as is available, or more than what is generally being produced.

If the life energy of an organ degenerates, it disappears from the surface of the skin and departs to the inside of the organ to ensure an elementary basic supply. Through the diminishing of the life energy in an organ the corresponding reflex zone in the skin retracts and a wrinkle is born. In each protocol there is complete list of the organs involved in each pathology telling you which colours to use and where on the body to apply them.

Through regular ADK 4000 Colour Therapy Treatments on the reflex zones, over the organs concerned and on acupuncture points the inevitable aging process, which is basically a decreased supply of precious life energy, can be counter measured with specific aim. You will be able to energise water with the appropriate colours; creams can also be energised with colour.